How do YOU Celebrate When You’re Sober?

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This is a legitimate question…
A question that has become my “white whale” in sobriety.
I have yet to find a comparable solution.

The easy and most unimaginative answer is food.
If a celebration is not marked by bottles of champagne, it will definitely be defined by cakes and steaks.

Food isn’t good enough.
I already use every day events as an excuse to eat good food.

There will always be something to celebrate.

Your friend just got a new boyfriend and now it’s time to celebrate! Your coworkers want a “ladies night”. You just got a raise and now you want to go blow some cash. Somebody just got  ____   to   ____   and they want to share it with the world.

From major life events to surviving a bad day at work, it is always a good idea to have an arsenal of options ready to go.

Pajama Party

Invite a few of your closest girl friends over for a night of debauchery of the childish nature. Pajamas are a requirement and Disney movie sing a longs are highly encouraged. Built blanket forts and paint your nails.

It is always great to socialize in the comfort of your own living room.

Bowling Night

Go for a solid crowd pleaser.
There is enough stimulation in a bowling alley that will keep you distracted, while allowing your friends an opportunity to imbibe if they choose without too much awkwardness.

This is especially true in a large, mixed company, group.


Bonus points if you are really bad at it.

I bought a couple of tennis rackets and balls from Walmart a few years back for about $30 (less than you would spend on a single fancy dinner) and I haven’t looked back.
I never once played the game in any sort of serious manner.

It usually turns into a hot mess of ball chasing and belly laughs.

Make a drastic change to your hair

When I finally landed my big girl job, I went and chopped my hair off into a pixie cut. It can be exhilarating and fun to make a big change and punctuate a new chapter in your life.


As you can see, this list is not entirely exhaustive. But it is effective.

We need your help and creativity to come up with ways to thoroughly enjoy a good celebration without feeling slighted. It takes some adjustment to life without alcohol, and for many, it takes time to feel purely comfortable and enjoy yourself in a group or a crowd.

So tell us, what are some of the ways you have celebrated major events in your life during your sobriety?

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